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About Very Bad Wizards

Very Bad Wizards is a collaboration between Tamler Sommers, a philosopher at the University of Houston, and David Pizarro, a psychologist at Cornell University. We first met at a conference on ethics a few years ago, and have been arguing (and occasionally agreeing) about morality ever since. At some point we realized that our conversations were entertaining (and crazy) enough that other people might enjoy eavesdropping. With that in mind we began recording a series of podcasts to give them a proper home. The title of the podcast was "sampled" from the title of one of Tamler's books "A Very Bad Wizard: Morality behind the curtain" (a title he stole from an obscure movie about a wizard). Most of the music you hear on the podcast is made by David--you can see our original soundtrack here.


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Our new T-shirts are here!

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