Very Bad Wizards

Episode 23: Straw Dogs (with Yoel Inbar)

May 27th, 2013

Dave, Tamler, and special guest Yoel Inbar break down Sam Peckinpah's brilliant (at least according  to one of us) 1971 film Straw Dogs.    They talk about the notorious rape scene, the meaning of the final siege, standing up to Cornish townies, and whether the urge to respond to insults is rational in in modern society.  Also: Yoel and Tamler go another round in their debate about statistics and grad school. 


Straw Dogs [] 

Yoel Inbar [] 

"The Power of Straw Dogs" [] 

Edward Copeland on Straw Dogs []

"Home Like No Place: Peckinpah's Straw Dogs."  [] 

Musical interlude courtesy of Monibeatz  []

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