Very Bad Wizards

Episode 27: You, Your Self, and Your Brain (With Eddy Nahmias)

July 22nd, 2013

Our streak of very special guests continues!  Philosopher Eddy Nahmias joins the podcast to us why people mistakenly think they're not morally responsible, and how his new study casts doubt on Sam Harris's "pamphlet" on free will.  Eddy also describes his new project (with Toni Adleberg and Morgan Thompson) on why women leave philosophy.  Plus Dave and I discuss some reasons for having children, and eat a little Partially Examined Life crow. 


"Name five women in philosophy.  Bet you can't." Tania Lombrozo, [npr.og] 

"Do Women Have Different Philosophical Intuitions than Men?" Eddy Nahmias (

"Is Neuroscience the Death of Free Will?' Eddy Nahmias.  []

Eddy on Bypassing []

Edd trashing Tamler's Book []





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